IT Consulting

vCIOs are ideal for any organisation who are looking for IT expert knowledge without hiring internally, or to expand on the knowledge of their existing IT team.

Our vCIO team helps you to identify, develop, implement, and evaluate IT solutions as well as strategies, policies and procedures to benefit your business. You can be assured our vCIO team will apply best practices and multi-layered solutions to best help you achieve your future business goals.

Our vCIO team utilises a ground-up approach, giving your IT environments a full review to find what will work best for your company, now and in the future. 

Strategic Planning

Crisis Management

Technology Budgeting

Security & Compliance

Project Management

Migration Guidance

Align your IT solutions to future business needs

Reduce outages & impacts to your operations

Take advantage of emerging technologies

Maximise your return on your IT budget

Make timely & informed technology decisions

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning brings organisation objectives and goals and aligns business needs with their IT environment. Helping organisations successfully plan, implement, and manage their IT to ensure a future focussed system that benefits the company across all areas.  

Strategic planning is an essential part of the IT journey, Precision IT can help you review the current business IT infrastructure and processes and evaluate where your IT systems stand currently and how to better your IT to work for your business.  

The IT strategic planning process begins with an IT Road Map. We know how to plan for and integrate IT solutions at any scale and any type from On-premises to Cloud to a Hybrid model. We help you get the most out of your investment into IT solutions.  

Crisis Management

There are situations when your in-house expertise can become overwhelmed by a system crash, compromise, malicious attack or any number of unplanned, business stopping events.

Our vCIO Team have decades of experience navigating through challenging circumstances and can be on-call for your business if such a situation ever arises.

Our services plug into your existing IT team during a crisis to provide advice and help steer your business out, ensuring any damage is minimised or mitigated in real time. Then followed up with suitable recommendations to protect the business against repeat events.  

Technology Budgeting

Budgeting for IT is one of the most common unthought of budget items across many businesses, and where IT budgets are found we find that not every aspect is considered within the budget plan. IT expenses can vary and not one solution will do it all, therefore there is no way to properly estimate a simple one-size-fits-all cost structure. 

Precision IT helps organisations to understand IT costs better, to effectively manage an IT budget and to prepare for costs simply and easily. Our cost structures clearly identify what the client can expect for different areas of services we provide from infrastructure upfront costs, to on-going costs. 

Through effective planning, Precision IT can help you stabilise you IT budget from unexpected costs from training staff on new IT systems and services through to new equipment investments. Our team of experts are on-hand to make recommendations and outline costs where needed. 

Security & Compliance

IT compliance is a cost effective solution to support IT environments introduced into businesses.

Precision IT’s vCIOs are skilled in IT solutions also fit into the compliance needs of businesses, ensuring all aspects of the solution is reviewed to meet the compliance expectations.

Non-compliance in any business is a serious issue, vCIOs assist businesses in navigating the different complexities of compliances as well as how to apply these to their IT environments. 

Project Management

IT projects big or small require attention, commitment, knowledge, and experience to not only get off the ground but to be successful in it’s development through to implementation.

Encompassing design, development, deployment, and support of IT solutions outlines Precision IT’s project services. Big or small, once-off or on-going our project services are designed to fit the needs of your business whilst providing experts in the industry to ensure your project reaches completion.

Precision IT’s project services can be employed in conjunction with our managed services to ensure your business is consistently on the front-line of technology. From providing oversights and expertise across each project, our team will also ensure each project fits the strategic plan of action whilst remaining systematic in the deployment.

Upgrades & Implementations

Precision IT was born in the cloud and we are passionate on showing our clients how the cloud can bring their IT needs to new heights.

Moving infrastructures to the cloud can seem daunting, with Precision IT you can be confident your cloud migration and transformation is in safe hands. With a proven history of successful migrations, our professional services cloud migration strategy will give your IT infrastructures the power to meet your business needs now and in the future.

Bringing cloud migrations of any size and any capability, Precision IT specialises in AWS, Azure, Citrix and O365 to deliver cloud solutions.

IT Service Management

IT Service Management (ITSM) allows organisations to benefit from an in-house IT department without the costs and time involved. Through the process of designing, implementing, managing, supporting and improving, Precision IT offers an in-depth level of IT services for any organisation.

Focussing on aligning processes and services with business objectives to allow businesses to focus on the operational side of business and grow. 

Regardless of the business or size, every business uses IT services in some way. Through ITSM, any incidents, requests, problems, changes, services, and assets are managed and streamlined to ensure business operational efficiency.

Cloud Migrations

Precision IT was born in the cloud, we are experts in the cloud journey and will help you understand what it means to move to the cloud and how this can benefit your business. Precision IT offers both complete and partial cloud migration services based on client requirements which can be delivered over full, staged or hybrid implementation models.

Tailoring a cloud migration strategy that fits your business, our experts will choose the right technology that aligns with your needs to ensure a flexible, scalable, accessible, and secure IT environment.