Public Cloud Management

Cloud Ascend transitions client businesses to re-evaluate their current IT operations whilst ascending to a cloud-based solution. 

Our Ascend solutions cover IT cloud operations to ensure business strategy and outcomes are aligned with IT operations and technology best practices. 

We have a solution for any concern.

Cloud Systems Operations (SysOps)
Cloud Security Operations (SecOps)
Cloud Governance Operations (GovOps)
Cloud Development Operations (DevOps)
Modern Workplace

Any cloud. We help choose the best fit for you!

Ascend SysOps

Ascend system operations (SysOps) is the perfect balance solution for businesses that require day-to-day operation of the IT environments beyond solution development and implementation.

Precision IT’s Ascend Operations bring industry experts to our clients, from local server dedicated solutions through to the cloud, our team can manage system operations both new and existing.

Taking over the management your IT needs has never been easier with a team that will put your business on the forefront of technology excellence.

Ascend DevOps

Development operations (DevOps) has never been more easily accessible for clients looking to augment their IT services without the costs of an in-house team.

Ascend DevOps brings a unique experience to businesses, leaving our experts to lift their IT environments whilst you focus on the things that matter.

Maximising IT enterprise environments is Ascends priority, through collaboration and communication we can look to establish automation within the business.

Not only can we assist with development, our team can implement and support solutions for our clients, giving clients the complete package without an in-house team, or to compliment an existing IT department.

Ascend SecOps

Security operations (SecOps) combines security and operations teams across IT infrastructures to keep businesses safe whilst reducing risks.

Information security is becoming more important within businesses, whilst operationally this is not always an easy priority where information security hinders that of operations to create an aura of inefficiencies and conflicting efforts.

Precision IT’s Ascend team brings SecOps seamlessly together, creating frameworks that merge priorities and consolidate efforts, integrate communication and information, bring tools and technology together for a more streamlined and proactive approach to information security and business operations.

Ascend GovOps

Providing a link between IT strategy and business strategy Governance operations (GovOps) is a business’s next level framework to align, produce and achieve strategies and goals.

Businesses are subject to many regulations that governs multiple aspects of an IT environment, this can impact small and large organisations equally.

Modern Workplace

Modern workplace is enabling businesses to work anywhere, anytime, anyhow with the reliability and security of working within a dedicated office environment.

Precision IT’s modern workplace solutions combines the power of a flexible workplace with the quality, productivity, effectiveness, efficiency, and premium work capabilities one would expect in the office. It’s a ground-breaking approach for not only your business operations but your clients as well.

See the benefits of a modern workplace solution on your business, employees, and clients by deploying a modern workplace solution through Precision IT and never look back.