Managed IT Services

Hybrid Managed Services help clients achieve comprehensive integration, management, and monitoring of IT environments that are both on-premises and in the cloud. 

Every business is built different and where the cloud works for one business, it may not be as suitable for another and then there are businesses that can benefit from a combination of the two.

Align your IT solutions to future business needs

Reduce outages & impacts to your operations

Take advantage of emerging technologies

Maximise your return on your IT budget

Make timely & informed technology decisions

Hybrid Managed IT Services

Through the establishment of a hybrid IT infrastructure model, businesses can benefit from cost-saving, increases flexibility, and additional security features they haven’t had before.

Maintaining a Hybrid infrastructure, however, comes with a diverse level of knowledge and experience. Facing a Hybrid infrastructure with an in-house IT team can complicate the existing infrastructure, leading to wasted time and money. Precision IT alleviates this through Managed and Professional Services based on the client needs. We can completely take over the IT infrastructure of a business and assist in cloud migration or work alongside existing in-house IT teams to better support the environment and provide the expertise in areas where it is needed most.

Public Cloud Management

Across the cloud industry, there are multiple public cloud providers that offer systems and services for businesses looking into moving their business into the cloud. However, public cloud providers do not provide the overall management capabilities required to ensure for a successful and cost saving IT environment.

Precision IT brings together public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure and cloud management strategies and processes to simplify and enhance a business’s cloud journey.

Through cloud management, clients can look forward to:

  • Better control of costing for IT.
  • Improved focus on business-critical operations.
  • Capital efficiency.
  • Standardisation across IT.
  • Scale up/down based on business requirements.
  • Gain access to rapidly evolving services and applications to remain ahead.
  • Enable a digital-first approach.

End Point Management

Not every business can move to the cloud, fully or partially. For businesses that must remain with on-premises equipment, the on-going costs of maintaining and supporting these solutions can sometimes be unexpected, causing financial impacts to the business.

Precision IT works with businesses to better understand the running costs of their on-premises equipment and the benefit of managed services to help limit or even take control of IT expenditures. Precision IT’s dedicated monitoring and alerting platform WATCH has been designed with on-premises businesses in mind.

With the expanding configuration capabilities, WATCH monitors aspects of any deployed solution proactively to ensure complete off-site support 24/7. Through this proactive management technique, and the ability to further develop an IT environment through Precision IT’s services, clients can expect the service level of an in-house IT team without the ongoing costs of actually having a team onsite.

Network Management

Network management includes the control and monitoring across multiple software and hardware points to ensure network resources are adequate and efficient for the business. Precision IT can assist client tackle their network and resources required to run an effective network to ensure the business runs at their optimal capacity.

No-one likes a slow network, nor do they want an unresponsive network when there is too much load on the available resources. Through effective network management we can review network devices, types, and topologies to accurate identify the best network management course to follow.

Through protocols, systems, devices, and applications provisioned by Precision IT or even a restructure of existing network infrastructure, we can ensure the network keeps up with business needs and also make it less frustrating for the end user. Precision IT’s network management can include:

  • Fault management
  • Configuration management
  • Administration
  • Performance management
  • Security management


Giving clients the ability to see real-time visibility through dashboards, Precision IT will not only help you fix the problem we can also help you see and understand the problem.

IT Asset Management

IT asset management (ITAM) is defined as providing an accurate account of technology asset lifecycle costs and risks to maximize the business value of technology strategy, architecture, funding, contractual and sourcing decisions. ITAM is a broad area of consideration when there are so many assets that can be considered under ITAM. Through Precision IT’s ITAM tools, including our own WATCH system we can monitor IT assets, digital assets and software assets, allowing us to:

  • Enforce compliance across the business through security policies.
  • Enhance productivity through effective asset deployment practices that benefits the business and the end user.
  • Review software to ensure software assets are properly being utilised, through review we can identify cost improvements for under utilisations.
  • Limit overhead costs of IT management.


Precision IT can also benefit businesses through IT asset lifecycles from acquisitions through to decommissioning, ensuring the business is protected when a device is no longer required. Following proven industry best practices Precision IT can help businesses understand their assets better and the importance of having an effective ITAM plan in place.

End-user Support

Providing on-site, off-site, on-demand, end-user computing service and IT support within a business is often overlooked and not properly considered within many businesses. IT is an inevitability of business, as such it’s one of the most overlooked, and least understood aspects as it is seen as a cost and not a benefit, this can lead to end-user issues.

Precision IT works to not only ensure a business is getting the most out of their IT, that their IT is working for the business, but also that the end-user experience is a benefit as well. Ensuring businesses and their end-users have on-site, off-site, on-demand, end-user computing service and IT support with clear service level agreements, we work to ensure the end-user can continue to perform at their best.

Much like an in-house IT team, Precision IT’s support services include:

  • Managed service desk
  • Complete mobility capabilities
  • Desktop-as-a-Service
  • VOIP and Data solutions


However, as a business you won’t need to hire, train, and manage a complete IT team, Precision IT has all this in house.

Technology Alignment

Technology alignment means your business is on track your IT strategy goals. IT can be used to actively improve your business through productivity, growth, financial, market competitiveness and more, rather than putting IT as an afterthought and only noticed when it’s not working, technical alignments puts IT at the forefront helping your business achieve. Bridging the gap between business objectives and IT can be achieved through effective technical alignment practices, putting IT strategies to work to ensure ongoing success is delivered across the business.

Precision IT’s technical account managers work closely with each area of our client journeys, from planning through to implementation and support they understand the various IT environments deployed and work to ensure they are on track. Ensuring the IT strategy is in place, consistently relevant and is agile within our clients business growth or team are experts at making your IT investment work for you.