Privacy Policy


Precision IT takes privacy seriously, this document outlines our commitment and drive when protecting your personal information that we collect through our business operations. This includes and is not limited to: 

  • the use of our website 
  • contacting Precision IT directly through any medium, including and not limited to phone, email, or website use 
  • direct conversation. 


Precision IT is committed to respecting your privacy as a business and an individual, this includes the proper management of any personally identifiable information that is shared with Precision IT.  

In general, you can visit our website without disclosing or revealing any personal information, however by contacting us through any medium you acknowledge the following policy. Precision IT’s Privacy Policy has been made available online, through our communication channels and provided on request. By providing Precision IT with personal information this indicates that you have read, understood, and accepted the Privacy Policy.  

Precision IT abides by the Privacy Act 1988 and it’s 13 Privacy Principles alongside the Freedom of Information Act 1982. 

If you do not wish to accept or provide Precision IT with personal information, this may affect the successful achievement of outcomes for services we provide you. Please contact us if you do not understand or have any questions in regard to the Privacy Policy.  

IMPORTANT: Please read the following Privacy Policy carefully. Contact us if you have any questions.


Personal information 

Personal information is identified as information or opinions that may identify an individual, it has a broad definition. Examples of personal information may include, but is not limited to: 

  • names 
  • addresses 
  • telephone numbers 
  • email addresses 


Essentially, any information that could identify you.  


Information we may collect 

Precision IT may collect personal information about you as reasonably necessary for, or directly related to, our operations or services or products. At times we may request for information that is personally identifiable when you contact us, request to be contacted by us or we contact you. This may include but not limited to: 

Information about you 

  • your name 
  • your contact details including phone and email 


Information about your business 

  • your business name/s 
  • your business contact details 
  • your business address/s 
  • additional contact within the business including names and contact details 


Interactions you have with Precision IT 

  • previous contact requests 
  • payments you have made to Precision IT 
  • services and products we supply to you 
  • feedback and/or complaints submitted 
  • any special arrangements you have made with Precision IT 


Interactions with our online services 

  • pages you visit 
  • online forms submitted 
  • online orders completed 
  • language preferences 
  • products or services added to your cart 
  • products or services reviewed 
  • searches you have made 


The above lists are not exhaustive, however any personal information that is requested and collected by us will be managed according to this Privacy Policy. 


Collection of personal information 

Collection of personal information can be done through a variety of mediums, this includes but is not limited to our website, social media, online portals, email, over the phone, face-to-face, feedback requests or requests to be contacted by Precision IT. 

If your personal information is collected from a third party, we will take steps to ensure to inform you of how, when, and why the information is collected and by who.  


Use of personal information 

The use of personal information is managed and followed in accordance with the Privacy Act. Precision IT will not use personal information for any purpose other than the purpose for which the information was collected, or which is appropriate in our ongoing relationship. Precision IT may use personal information collected to: 

  • contact you if requested 
  • establish a client profile 
  • better understand your needs and provide with tailored customer service 


Further, your personal information may only be used if: 

  • it is authorized, required, or requested by law 
  • the use of the information meets one of the exceptions outlined in the Australian Privacy Principles  


If at any time, personal information is to be used for any purpose other than the primary reason for collection also known as a secondary reason, Precision IT will first gain your consent before the information is used. 

If your personal information is collected, usually you will be advised of the purpose and use of the information at the point of collection. At any stage you may request for the collection and use of collected information not to be used, however this may affect the use of our services and/or products. Your personal information where applicable or authorised by law may be used by our other services at which you will be first notified prior to the use. 


Disclosure of personal information 

At no stage will your personal information be disclosed to any other business, person, or agency unless: 

  • you have provided written consent 
  • it is authorised or required by law 
  • it meets one of the other exceptions in the Australian Privacy Principles 


A 3rd party has a commercial relationship with Precision IT in which Precision IT and the 3rd party have reciprocal Privacy and Confidential restrictions which provide protection of your Personal information in accordance with this policy, as is reasonably required for Precision IT to provide our services to you. 

Please note, occasionally it may be necessary for your information to be disclosed to third parties. The circumstances regarding why, who and when your information has been disclosed is at best effort, recorded within any service ticket or request as appropriate. However, there are times whereby we cannot record such events. 


Storage of personal information 

Precision IT takes the storage of your information seriously, and we take reasonable steps to ensure this information is protected against misuse, interference, and loss due to unauthorised access, modification, or disclosure.  

The steps we take to ensure your personal information includes but is not limited to: 

Where the storing of paper records is necessary, Precision IT will ensure that paper records are stored securely as per the Australian government security guidelines. However, Precision IT chooses to not store paper records. 

  • storing of digital records is secured by approved authenticated credentials with multifactor authentication methods in-place. 
  • personal information, which is stored by Precision IT, is only authorised for access by Precision IT employees 
  • the monitoring of your access via Precision IT systems can only be accessed and completed by authorised Precision IT employees with authenticated credentials using multifactor authentication methods 
  • Precision IT offices are located within secure buildings with entries and exits secured by key 
  • Precision IT regularly updates and audits our storage and data security systems 
  • when information is no longer required, we destroy or archive personal information in a secure manner. 


Accessing your personal information 

If we have collected and stored personal information about you, you have the right to: 

  • ask for access to your personal information being held 
  • ask for any corrections to be made to personal information being held 


If you ask to make changes to your personal information, Precision IT will provide this information to you and act on any reasonable corrections that need to be made to your personal information. However, access and corrections must follow the Privacy Act at all times. 

We will notify you in writing and explain any reasons for refusal of any requests to your personal information, or to correct your personal information. 


Updating your information 

It is important to tell us if changes need to be made to your personal information or information we collect in regard to your business. This ensures Precision IT has updated information and no un-authorized access to your business information. 


Complaints and concerns 

If you feel Precision IT has not taken the reasonable steps to protect your personal information or we have not complied with the Privacy Act 1988, please contact us immediately via phone or email as per the below details: 

  • Phone: 1300 964 404 
  • Email: 

Precision IT will take all reasonable steps to ensure and resolve any complaints in relation to your complaint or concerns to ensure your satisfaction and confidence in the security or your personal information. 

If you feel we have not delivered on your complaints or concerns, please visit the OAIC for further information on how to log a privacy complaint.  

The OAIC is a separate entity to Precision IT and is operated by the Australian Government. Please ensure when visiting their website, you read and understand their own Privacy Policies prior to contacting them.