Brendan has been promoted to Precision IT’s newly developed role as a Technical Lead. As our Technical Lead, we will see Brendan leading the way for our employees from initial onboarding, through to continuous development through coaching and training. This new role will not only benefit our employees but also our clients.

Brendan started his journey at Precision IT in April 2019 as an Associate within the Service Delivery Team. He was fresh to the industry after working 5 years in hospitality and looking to get into the IT stream.

“With the support and training of a fantastic team, I was able to quickly learn the ropes.”

Brendan is a goal setter and getter, and we have supported him every step of the way; he has truly shined since he began his journey, and this shows in his employment timeline.

“I have learnt so much so far on the job and through self-directed learning.”

We look forward to seeing what Brendan does in the future as he continues to grow in a brand-new role within the business as a Technical Lead!

“In 2022, I will be leaving the support desk and stepping into a new role that focuses on a passion of mine – teaching and training.

I am very excited to be able to take all that I have learnt so far and build an internal training program for Precision IT staff as a Technical Lead/Trainer.

I believe that this role will add massive value and benefit both Precision IT and our customers in a very noticeable way.”

More about Brendan?

Where are you from?Sunbury, Victoria
What are your hobbies?Gaming & playing piano (I teach piano and vocals)
Favorite food?Anything with chicken!
Dream destination?Anything with a water view

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